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August 2021 Chronic Blunt Punch Update

Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch August 2021 Update

Welcome to the August 2021 Chronic Blunt Punch Direct Update. We are looking to share more significant features, gameplay, production, and animation details, but really wanted to hear what you are looking forward to seeing in the upcoming updates. So we reached out to our backers on the Discord server. It is clear that you all want to know release dates, platforms, level design as well as details regarding the bosses. We hear you, and for this update, we are going to focus on sharing one of the bosses as well as one of the later levels in the game. Please let us know what else you would like to see and we will drop more stuff soon.

Hippleman: The Hippo Man 

Our first mid-boss is a character called Hippleman who is a parody of one of our favorite and most annoying (to parents) childhood games Hungry Hungry Hippo. This enemy loves to get busy with the liquids and has an amazing mascot drip.

Early Sketches

Marble Madnass Attack
With this attack, we wanted to take the concept of Hungry Hungry Hippos and explore what happens after one of the Hippos munches on large amounts of shiny marbles. Thus a new attack was born.

Early Animation Test

Full Animations

Hippleman Reboot

We wanted to take him a bit further, accentuate his ridiculousness, and add more detail to the character.

Success! Now we have our enemy busting marble shots out of his ass! Can’t wait for folks to play against him.

Hippleman Combat Test

Level and Environment Design

By request, we are sharing what we have been doing with the interior designs of the new mall.

When Jay and Silent Bob enter the mall they will see the utopian inside of a cathedral-like palace where drones have flocked to get their shopping on or hang out in the food court. The idea was to take a modern-style mall and merge it with the old-school mall vibe. Check out some of the concepts below.

Mall Lobby Concept Design
Original Sketch

Line Art

Mood Coloring and Flats

In Progress Polish

Release Date?!

We are still working on the game and our goal is to release by fall of 2022. Things are moving at a good pace but we want to take our time with development in order to get things right before launch. Once we come closer to having a date nailed down you will be the first to know.

Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl Console Update

In May we released Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl Arcade Edition on PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Series X/S with updated graphics, music, and adjusted balance for the cart level. We also released physical deluxe and standard versions of the game with our friends at Limited Run Games on PS4.

If you are a backer and are interested in a console version of the game please hit us up with your email order and we will send you a key while supplies last. If you want to support the development of Chronic Blunt Punch you can purchase Mall Brawl on your platform of choice if you don’t have it already.

Xbox Store:
PlayStation Store:
Nintendo Switch Store:

Backerkit Fulfillment and Slacker Backer

Arcade Stick 2.0
Based on the feedback of the original arcade stick that went out, we adjusted the design of the arcade stick and everyone who will get a stick from the second batch will get one with the new design.Thanks for your feedback on the designs, we want to make sure you are happy with your rewards.

T-Shirt Design
Our first shirt design is an illustration that shows Jay and Silent Bob in their special combo poses. Give us feedback on what color style you dig the most.
New Adobough Poster Design

Backerkit Add-Ons:

Everyone now has the opportunity to purchase add-on items such as the Chronic Blunt Punch Shirt, Poster prints. We are working on our plan for fulfillment for these items now, please hold tight.

Backerkit Site

Thanks for the support!

We have a lot more to share. Make sure to reach out to us through email or our social media channels. We are always down to answer your questions regarding the development process or what we are up to in general.

Until next time!

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– Jay and Silent Bob: 
Mall Brawl

Discord Server –

July 2020 Chronic Blunt Punch Update


Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch July 2020 Update

Hey All,

Welcome to our July Chronic Blunt Punch Direct Update. The world has changed immensely since the last update. We hope everyone is safe during these tumultuous times. We want to offer some cool news about what we have been focused on and where things are going with Chronic Blunt Punch as well as share updates on Mall Brawl.
2020 Gameplay Trailer and Steam Page Live

In June the team Participated in the Guerrilla Collective press conference, debuting the 2020 Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch gameplay teaser trailer among 80+ other dope games.

Kevin Smith hopped on the stream to show us love and introduce the 2d game segment along with Chronic Blunt Punch. Much love to Kevin and the View Askew team for rocking out with us on this.
Chronic Blunt Punch Guerrilla Collective Trailer Announcement

Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Chronic Blunt Punch Development Update

We have been tweaking the combat, animations, level design, and added additional elements such as hazards to the game to enhance the overall feel. As far as combat, we have been adjusting the juggling and air combos with new ice-cold, creamy physics that adds weight and impact to the combat feel. We are topping off that hot fudge Sunday with new visual effect cherries for your eyes to savor. (<—— Went too far there)

Check out the gifs below for some of the visuals.
Playground Ducky Hazard
Jay and Silent Bob Air Combat
Enemy Animation: Sleeves
Visual Effects: Run
 Mall Brawl Update
Mall Brawl is still rolling tough and we will have more news and updates in the months to come regarding other console ports and platforms we are working to release the game on.
Limited Run Games Physical Switch Pre-Order
The Nintendo Switch digital release has been out for a few months now and we have collaborated with the amazing team at Limited Run Games to produce a physical release of Mall Brawl on the Switch. There were two versions available, a Classic Edition and a Standard Edition. Unfortunately, they have already sold out, but let us know if you are interested in a copy and will work on getting our backers copies.
Mall Brawl Classic Edition
Mall Brawl Standard Edition
NES Carts
If you ordered the carts via Limited Run Games or the Backerkit, they should be on the way soon! We will keep everyone up to date on the shipping once we hear that they are on their way!
The Infamous Kart Race
When designing the game, we made the decision to make the game NES tough in order to capture the feel of why we liked old school challenging games in the first place. We realize that the game is hard as balls. Due to the feedback regarding the shopping kart level, we made a video to share how we rock that stage.
The Perfect Kart Run Video
Backerkit Fulfillment and Slacker Backer
Backerkit Add-Ons Everyone now has the opportunity to purchase add-on items such as the Chronic Blunt Punch Shirt, Poster prints. We are working on our plan for fulfillment for these items now, please hold tight. Backerkit Site
Thanks for the support!
We have a lot more to share. Make sure to reach out to us through email or our social media channels. We are always down to answer your questions regarding the development process or what we are up to in general.
The Steam page is now live! Wishlist the game!
Until next time!
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Instagram – Interabangent
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December 2019 Dev Blog Update

Chronic Blunt Punch December 2019 Update

Hey Friends,

Welcome to our December Chronic Blunt Punch Direct Update. Our last update went over the announcement of the 8-bit supplemental retro Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl game that all of our backers will get free and was offered as a physical cart through Limited Run Games. We are still pushing forward on the release of Mall Brawl and working on Chronic Blunt Punch and will focus on the art and animation side of development in this update.

Art and Animation Update

Animations are a very significant part of the game. We start each animation hand-drawn, color them digitally and then pushed through the technical pipeline until they are ready for the game. We have a ton of eye candy shoved in this jam-packed update. We are currently focused on finalizing the last few Jay and Silent Bob moves, tweaking the enemy designs and working on Bluntman and Chronic. Check out some of the processes below:

Silent Bob Super Move Pose Design
Each of the super moves will be triggered with an opening pose and then go into the attack. Think King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Tekken or even the WWE where the characters make a dramatic, theatrical pose before they bust their super special move.

Silent Bob‘s Super Flex

Jay‘s Metal Super Pose

Bluntman and Chronic Supers

Since the early concepts, we have been playing around with how we would incorporate our videogame versions of Bluntman and Chronic into the design and mechanics of Chronic Blunt Punch. This will now be in the form of super moves that the player will be able to use once they have reached max energy in their Revenge Meter!

Bluntman Super Attack Rough

Chronic Super Attack Rough

Hipster With Baby Color and Combat

Our Hipster With Baby Character has been adjusted and changed during the progression of the game. His long-range baby attack is now even more dangerous to the dynamic duo and we now have alternate versions of each enemy.

Revive Update

The revive component is an evolving mechanic in the game. We are tweaking the effects and particles to match the animation for a more dramatic feel.

Jay Revive Smoke

Bob Revive Fart

Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl Update

Mall Brawl was started as a way to give an awesome experience to the backers of Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch as a reward for being patient during the development process.

Mall Brawl  MIX Stream

Great news! The game is nearing completion and almost out of the oven. We are putting the finishing touches on what we feel is a full 8-bit, classic experience that is super fun to play solo with the character swapping mechanic, or with your friends in the co-op mode where a friend can jump in on the fly to pummel enemies.

Below is some more footage of the game:

Arcade Fun

Adoughbo Revealed

Intense Elevator Action

Rewards Fulfillment and Slacker Backer

Release Date

The team is still working hard on the game. We currently do not have a release date. We appreciate the patience and will let everyone know as we progress during development.

Mall Brawl For Backers and Pre-orders

Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl will be finished by next month and we are working on the time of release within then next couple of months. We will announce to all of our backers before everyone else and you will be the first to get a copy.


We announced to the public that we would be opening pre-orders to those who were not able to participate in the campaign. The pre-order funds go directly towards the development of the game. We encourage folks who supported the project to shout out the updates and pre-orders.

Pre-Order the Digital version through Backerkit –
More info and FAQ about the game –

Happy Holidays and Thanks for all of the feedback!

We have tons of stuff to share in the near future. Make sure to reach out to us through email or our social media channels. We are always down to answer your questions regarding the development process or what we are up to in general.

We are also starting a new Discord Server and will share it soon so we can share more exclusive content there as well.

Until next time!

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May Chronic Blunt Punch Update

Hey Beautiful Supporters!

The JASB team has been working on the game diligently and are taking the time to make sure everything looks and feels great.

Release Date Questions and answers:

Questions are popping up in the comment threads asking about the release of the game and the quick and easy answer is… late 2019.

Whaaat… The game is delayed!!!!

Here is a brief breakdown of what lead us to push the release date back.

Development Timeline

While planning our Fig campaign in late 2015, we were also putting together our development schedule. During this process, we predicted that Q1 of 2018 would be enough time to deliver the PC version of the game and for the console release we would work on a Fig Slacker Backer with investment options.

Game development started when the campaign was successful due to your amazing backer support, the initial investment from fans and Fig.

Timeline Snapshot

Overall there was a slight delay in some of the investment based funds coming in which caused us to be more lean with development which pushed our timeline out a bit. We briefly mentioned this in an update for November 2016.

We are in a great place with our current timeline as many of our targeted gameplay systems are good to go, and we are massaging these pieces with polish and testing. Our main focus is tuning combat, AI behaviors, our custom physics for enemy juggling and advanced fighting mechanics. We will share footage from the playable in our next update and break down the development timeline.

Sometimes making sausages takes longer than expected, especially when that sausage is a video game. Thanks for your patience while we meticulously stuff this bratwurst full of meaty gameplay goodness.

Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot

Before starting Chronic Blunt Punch we were planning on releasing the game around Clerks 3 or the Mallrats series that were in the works, in order to cross promote and potentially work in tie-ins with our walk on rewards. We were bummed to find out that both projects were taking a back burner. Out of nowhere K. Smith announced that he was going to film another Jay and Silent Bob film called, Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot! This exciting news because we feel it is a perfect crossover for both mediums. The script is reaaaallly good and we are hype about the potential. There is a tentative schedule for the film to start shooting this summer and we would like to release the game around the same time as the movie, which is slated to release in 2019.

The Fun Stuff

Concept and Animation Updates:

With Jay and Lunchbox we have been focusing on adjusting the animations that are in the game so they feel more fluid with each button press as well as adding some polish to the characters through shadows. We were playing around with flat shaded animations but decided to move forward with a more dynamic approach.

Shadow Prep Animation


We are getting backer rewards together in order to send them out before the game is released. Some rewards are based upon assets that will be available when we are closer to launch.

Art Prints:

The backer art prints will be the Jay and Silent Bob original Hanzo illustrations. These pieces are dope and we are The Faceoff Jay and Silent Bob portrait poster and the Hemp Knight and Chronic in action poster.

JASB Faceoff

Dangler Showdown

Fun With Polish

We love the old school beat-em-ups random health pickups that were super prominent in every action game released in the arcade in the mid 90’s. There is nothing quite as comforting as punching a crusty, rusted ass barrel in order to sink your teeth into a steaming hot turkey, perfectly plated with all the trimmings. We are spicing things up with random and not so random health pick-ups that will keep the dynamic duo’s mouths salivating and their bodies healthy, so they don’t bite the dust when eating foot-long fist sandwiches. #Puns.

Below are a few of the edible items that are in the game.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Piss and Fly Burgey

Got the munchies eat some Munchie Puffs

Visual Effects

We are busting out some of the games particle effects as they pertain to roundhouse kicks, explosions and Bluntman’s Chronic blast. When Jay and Bob dash, hit the floor or leap into the air we want to add a bit of flare that creates not only a sense of depth but adds weight to the characters.

Since our last update the news came in that Mr. Smith had a heart attack, which caught everyone by surprise. We were glad that a few days after Kevin’s hospital posts that he was all gravy, he lost mad weight and has recovered, as a vegan none the less. Props to his team for holding him down and much love from the JASB: CBP Team.

Future Updates

We regularly post updates weekly through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, please follow us on those platforms for frequent posts and behind the scenes action on the game. We wanted to take the time to answer your questions as well as give you a quick update on where things are with the gizzzame!

The Chronic Blunt Punch website is live and we get direct messages if you leave feedback on the blog. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about anything regarding development.

Twitter – @interabangent
Instagram – Interabagent
Facebook – chronicbluntpunch
Website – Chronicbluntpunch
Much Gratitude for all of your support.


JASB Development Team

Happy V. Day from Super Hank Dangler

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

My name is Hang Dangler: The antiquated grandpa whose superpowers are flight, dangling, and having a keen memory. I would like to wish you a super timely Happy Valentine’s Day, open up my diary and give you a glimpse into the world of a romantic superhero so you can get a first-hand account of what is going on with me and my friends in Jersey streets!

 Since the mysterious disappearance of most of the wonderful folks in our town, I have been looking over the city like a pigeon overlooks his rat roost. Some interesting characters still remain vigilant and a few weirdos such as Sway and Silent Blob wander around as well.

Friday, February 2nd: Brotha Dangler

I was on my way to save a burger burglar when I spied my cane-wobbling twin brother, Tommy D. disrespect the law by jaywalking down 5th in a stolen Motel 6 robe. The Dangler brothers were raised better than this, I tell ya.

 Tuesday, February 6th: Rascal Flappies
After getting my mandatory 1pm bourbon hot toddy from The Thirsty Hippo, I caught my my ex-cutie, Rascal Flapps rushing to Costco to nibble on some fresh free samples. We broke up because while I was riding her scooter pegs I fractured my hip bone and pulled my dangling cankle muscle.

Thursday, February 8th: Floating Puppy Truck Spotting
I spotted a pooch driving a flying Long Dong Donut van. Must have had a special delivery, because, golly gee wilkerson that thing was floating and also hit that troublesome mute and his pin-headed companion.

Monday, February 12th: Punching Garbage
While doing one armed pull-ups on a light pole, I caught these two deviants ruining our beloved city by mashing on a harmless dumpster. When I catch up to them, I am going to put a firm spanking on those cuties trouble mongers’ booties.
Tuesday, February 13th: Stoner Website
While checking my AOL and Plenty of Fish Account, I stumbled upon the website which belongs to those two Quickstop stoners. What kinda webmaster let them have their own geocities webpage?!?!?! I have been trying to get for years! I am filing an official complaint to

Thursday, February 15th: What The GOLF (WTG?!?)
I have always been the best person in my golf league, I usually hit a home run and lead with 3 triple-double dunks when I play a quarter of the old hole-in-one. You could learn a thing or two from my tremendous stroke.

Speaking of which there is a game that caught my eye on that may help get you up to my level on the greens.

Much love to all of you and if you need help just dangle a sock full of quarters out your window and I will swing through, swoop them up, save the day, and wash my drawers.


H. Dangler

JASB Halloween Update

Hey Peeps,

It has been grindstone city over here in Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch Land.

In the last update we went over the new concepts for our revive and tag team situations. We are still working on those animations, the implementation, gameplay balance as well as the impact, which are all coming along nicely. Along with those features
we are working on enemies, enemies and more enemies. We are focusing on how they look, how they feel, how they fight and how they get punched right in their lumpy little face pieces. Below are a couple enemies that show the grotesque and silly
style that we are working on nailing as we move forward.

Buff Boy Body Flex


Wide Boy Waddle Walk


Hockey Hooligans

We are working on some memorable characters or shall we say, spiritual successors to characters you may have seen in Dogma. These dudes will shove a triple deke in your face if you try to stand between them and the ball.


Maurice Muscleberg: Security Guard King

We shared Maurice in the initial JASB: CBP concept during our Fig campaign. He is a big boss in the game and is nearly complete. Below is the first image we shared along with some of his basic animations. Check out how he shows off his fatty pecks
with his Buff Boy Body Flex maneuver and his gorgeous gait with his Wide Boy Waddle Walk. More info on M&M to come!

Convo Combat Update

We have been putting together the Convo Combat and thanks to the team and our new team member Brian Cronin things are being implemented nicely as we iterate on the design! The image below is one of our first alpha tests. This is a rough representation
of how it will flow with limited animation depicting the emotional response as well as a retort from Mr. Muscleberg himself.