JASB Halloween Update

Hey Peeps,

It has been grindstone city over here in Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch Land.

In the last update we went over the new concepts for our revive and tag team situations. We are still working on those animations, the implementation, gameplay balance as well as the impact, which are all coming along nicely. Along with those features
we are working on enemies, enemies and more enemies. We are focusing on how they look, how they feel, how they fight and how they get punched right in their lumpy little face pieces. Below are a couple enemies that show the grotesque and silly
style that we are working on nailing as we move forward.

Buff Boy Body Flex


Wide Boy Waddle Walk


Hockey Hooligans

We are working on some memorable characters or shall we say, spiritual successors to characters you may have seen in Dogma. These dudes will shove a triple deke in your face if you try to stand between them and the ball.


Maurice Muscleberg: Security Guard King

We shared Maurice in the initial JASB: CBP concept during our Fig campaign. He is a big boss in the game and is nearly complete. Below is the first image we shared along with some of his basic animations. Check out how he shows off his fatty pecks
with his Buff Boy Body Flex maneuver and his gorgeous gait with his Wide Boy Waddle Walk. More info on M&M to come!

Convo Combat Update

We have been putting together the Convo Combat and thanks to the team and our new team member Brian Cronin things are being implemented nicely as we iterate on the design! The image below is one of our first alpha tests. This is a rough representation
of how it will flow with limited animation depicting the emotional response as well as a retort from Mr. Muscleberg himself.