About Chronic Blunt Punch

We think Kevin’s movies are irreverently dope. During the design of our first game, we often watched the movies back-to-back like Drake post-Degrassi. The iconic characters, hilarious dialogue, and the sheer surreality of the Askew-niverse got us through the rough patches of development hell and life’s struggles. We cut our teeth in combat-based game development and always thought it would be amazing to see Jay and Silent Bob in a game like the ones we make. We often wondered, “Why hasn’t anybody done this game yet?”


Justin Woodward

Creative Dome Piece

Zheng-Tu Zheng

Lead Programmer

Felipe Rodo

Game Design Face

Trevor Fehrman


Evan Washington


Michelle Cruz

Environment Art & Design

Emily Douglas

Animator and Uncrustable Smasher

James Averett

Character Design and Animation


July 2020 Chronic Blunt Punch Update

28th July 20

  Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch July 2020 Update Hey All, Welcome to our July Chronic Blunt Punch Direct Update. The world has changed immensely since the last update. We hope everyone is safe during these tumultuous times. We want to offer some cool news about what we have been focused on and where things are … Continue reading July 2020 Chronic Blunt Punch Update

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