December 2019 Dev Blog Update

8th January 19

Chronic Blunt Punch December 2019 Update Hey Friends, Welcome to our December Chronic Blunt Punch Direct Update. Our last update went over the announcement of the 8-bit supplemental retro Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl game that all of our backers will get free and was offered as a physical cart through Limited Run Games. We are still pushing forward on the release of … Continue reading December 2019 Dev Blog Update


May Chronic Blunt Punch Update

13th May 18

Hey Beautiful Supporters! The JASB team has been working on the game diligently and are taking the time to make sure everything looks and feels great. Release Date Questions and answers: Questions are popping up in the comment threads asking about the release of the game and the quick and easy answer is… late 2019. … Continue reading May Chronic Blunt Punch Update


Happy V. Day from Super Hank Dangler

16th February 18

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! My name is Hang Dangler: The antiquated grandpa whose superpowers are flight, dangling, and having a keen memory. I would like to wish you a super timely Happy Valentine’s Day, open up my diary and give you a glimpse into the world of a romantic superhero so you can get a … Continue reading Happy V. Day from Super Hank Dangler


JASB Halloween Update

10th December 17

Hey Peeps, It has been grindstone city over here in Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch Land. In the last update we went over the new concepts for our revive and tag team situations. We are still working on those animations, the implementation, gameplay balance as well as the impact, which are all coming …


Update 21: New Enemy Characters!

1st June 17

The first assist reveal is the Boner Bodybag Bounce! Under pressure, you can call out an assist from Big D, who rushes in the level with a body bag with a familiar stiff with a stiffy and clobbers his victims with an overhead smash. Think the Jason Voorhees slumber bag scene with the convenient...

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