March 2019 JASB Update

7th March 19

Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch March 2019 Update

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to another Chronic Blunt Punch Direct Update. Since our December update, we have been focusing on boss and enemy AI; as well as finishing level design, and combat animation. The main focus of our development is polishing our core systems while finalizing the animation and combat movement that will add to the game’s look and feel.

Level Design

The Quickstop
The Quickstop is one of the main foundations of The View Askewniverse. It was important to us that it played a role in the visual storytelling in the game. Without spoiling our ideas on how it will be incorporated, we wanted to reveal how we were putting the interior together and how it may look in the game during battle.Initial Color Concept
Finished Color Concept

Level Construction

Derp Dove Water Fountain
Creating interesting set pieces for our heroes to explore is important. Our goal is to have an interesting juxtaposition of large set pieces and familiar areas that contrast, adding a variety to the level layout. One of the set pieces that is at the beginning of the game is a huge water fountain, based on an amazingly derped out dove. The scale is grandiose and stands out with a bit of water animation and effects.

OG Concept Illustration

Animation Implementation

In Game To-Scale Preview

The Gaping Vape
In the previous update, we went through the art and design of the hookah lounge that resides in the mall. The smoke is a mock-up of how we want some atmospheric effects in the foreground and middle ground of the environment.

Breaking Thangs
A key component in JASB is breaking stuff. The props that can be broken will often contain power-ups, snacks for health and clues that will help defeat some of the bosses in Conversation Combat.

All The Vending

AI and Animation Update

AI and Enemy Patterns
We are getting ready to show off slices of the levels in the game and when it comes to level flow, we need to make sure that the enemy pathfinding, as well as the AI and enemy spawn placements, reflect the experience we want the players to have. Enemies are an integral part of the environment and level design, and we tune the enemy behavior and levels synchronously while balancing. In order to do that we have to merge our raw level design process with our programming process to accommodate the characters.

Hipster Block

Hipster Counter Attack

Forward Roundhouse Kick
While working on the combat animation, we test out the feel at various stages during animation development, this allows us to get the timing right and make adjustments as necessary before we go to the final step which is rendering out the shadows.For the Forward Roundhouse kick, we brought the animation to full completion but ended up reworking it. We felt that there was not enough follow-through in his kick. In the new version, Jay spins completely around, giving the attack a more dynamic feel and allows us to play with the timing a bit.Kick Setups

Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot Extra Winners!

With the permission of Kevin Smith and his team, we put together a raffle for a chance for our backers to be in Kevin Smith’s latest movie in the campaign. Since the news of Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot has been brewing, we have been excited with the idea that the lucky winners would be in the next installment of Jay and Silent Bob. We are happy to say that that will be a reality and want to congratulate the winners of the contest!

Congratulations to our amazing backers and fans of the View Askewniverse who won!

Lucas Riley
James Wood
Erika Tran
The amazing Feargus Urquhart 

We appreciate you believing in the project backing it and congrats in having the opportunity to become immortalized.

Thanks for all of the feedback!

We have tons of stuff to share in the near future. Make sure to reach out to us through email or our social media channels. We are always down to answer your questions regarding the development process or what we are up to in general.

We are also starting a new Discord Server and will share it soon so we can share more exclusive content there as well.

Until next time!

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