July 2019 Chronic Blunt Punch Update

31st July 19



Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch July 2019 Update

Welcome to our July Chronic Blunt Punch Direct Update. We are gearing up for an announcement soon just in time for our summer activities, which include the annual San Diego Comic Convention, Pax West and the announcement of Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot.

Chronic Blunt Punch: Mall Brawl

We announced that we are working on a supplemental surprise called Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl that will be free to all of our digital reward backers. We launched the teaser trailer (See Below) with our friend Greg Miller and the Kinda Funny channel a couple of weeks ago and will have more info on that announcement soon!


Mall Brawl Easter Bunny Teaser Trailer

Kinda Funny Games Daily Reveal

Tweaking, Polishing, More Tweaking

Air Combos are pretty tight in the game right now and are a lot of fun. We are focusing on getting those more polished.

Juggling is a mechanic that we wanted to add and refine in our combat in order to make our move sets more robust. Now you can pull off a combo, launch an enemy in the air and finish your combo before they hit the ground for more damage. Everything is feeling fluid with the Juggling and linking it to our move set.

Bob’s Air Juggles

Air Combos
Busting out air combos a la Marvel Vs. Capcom or Guilty Gear was something that we were interested in making happen since starting the project in 1995. We were able to seamlessly integrate air combos in a way where you can juggle an enemy and immediately jump in order to follow-up with an air combo that will end with an air finisher.

Animating Bob’s Air Combos

In-Game Silent Bob Air Combo

Animating Jay’s Air Combos

In-Game Jay Air Combo

Thanks for all of the feedback!

More to share soon! Make sure to reach out to us through email or our social media channels. We are always down to answer your questions regarding the development process or what we are up to in general.

Our Discord server is up. Please join us there for more announcements, updates and such:

Until next time!

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